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General Terms

Visitors to the official website of ihont.com (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") are deemed to have been properly acquainted and fully accepted these Terms of Use of the Site (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") without any limitations and reservations.

The website ihont.com reserves the right to unilaterally amend these Rules at any time.

The site is of an exclusively informational nature and no information published on it under any conditions is a public offer determined by the provisions of clause 2 of Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

 Links to third-party sites

The site can contain information about third-party sites. The transition to any other Internet resource by reference from the Site is carried out at the fear and risk of the Visitor. The website ihont.com is not responsible for the accuracy of the information, information, data, views, advice or statements posted on these sites. The website ihont.com provides links to other sites for the convenience of Visitors and this does not mean that the Internet site ihont.com approves the content of these sites or is responsible for their content.

 A responsibility

The Internet site ihont.com does everything possible to ensure that the information contained on the Site is true. However, it does not guarantee the absolute accuracy, completeness or reliability of the information contained on the Site, is not responsible for inaccuracies, possible errors or other deficiencies in the information being posted, for its relevance, nor does it guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the Site.

The Internet site ihont.com is not responsible for any adverse consequences, as well as for any losses caused by restriction of access, or due to visiting the Site and using the information posted on the Site, including but not limited to loss of data and profit, and Also for losses caused by viruses that caused damage to the computer equipment of the Visitor.

 Personal information (personal data of the Site User)

The Internet site ihont.com follows the provisions of the applicable law of the Russian Federation on the protection of personal data.

Any information provided by the User when using the Site relating to personal data (name, surname, phone number, address, e-mail, etc.) will be used by the ihont.com website only for the purposes indicated below.

By submitting information using the Site, and through any other requests to ihont.com, the User agrees that the relevant information can be processed (collection, storage, accumulation, systematization, clarification (updating, modification), distribution (including transfer, use, depersonalization, blocking, deletion and destruction) by the ihont.com website at the current time and in the future in order to:

- providing the User with information about the Products, services and activities of the Internet site ihont.com, which may be of interest to the User;

- Conducting market research to improve the quality of Products and services of the Internet site ihont.com;

- sending user notices, informational messages, advertising materials;
providing, upon agreement with the User, the Products and services of the Internet site ihont.com.
The user also agrees that the Internet site ihont.com will provide the specified information to other partner companies for the above purposes.

If the User does not want personal information provided to him to be transferred to third parties, the User should send a written application to the e-mail of the ihont.com website.

In particular, the Internet site ihont.com or its partner may use the telephone number and other contact details of the User to contact him. If the User does not want the Internet site of ihont.com to be able to use this information, or for more detailed information, the User should contact the representative of the Internet site ihont.com.

The Internet site ihont.com undertakes to maintain confidentiality, as well as to ensure that its authorized persons and partners comply with confidentiality regarding the personal information provided by the User.

Privacy policy

1. General Provisions

These Regulations on the Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) is an official document of ihont.com (hereinafter referred to as the Company) and determines the procedure for processing and protecting information about individuals (hereinafter referred to as Users) using services, information, services, programs (including Loyalty programs) and products of the workshop located on the domain name ihont.com (hereinafter referred to as the Site).

Confidentiality is important for the Company, since the purpose of this Privacy Policy is to protect the rights and freedoms of a person and a citizen when processing his personal data, including protection of privacy rights, personal and family secrets, from unauthorized access and disclosure.

The processing of personal data is carried out by us on a legal and fair basis, acting reasonably and in good faith and on the basis of the principles:

- the legitimacy of the purposes and methods of processing personal data;

- good faith;

- the correspondence of the purposes of processing personal data to the purposes predetermined and claimed in the collection of personal data, as well as the powers of the Company;

- the consistency of the volume and nature of the personal data being processed, the methods of processing personal data for the purposes of processing personal data.

This Privacy Policy regulates any kind of processing of personal data and personal information (any personally identifiable information and any other information related to this) about individuals who are consumers of the Company's products or services.

This Policy extends to the processing of personal, personal data collected by any means, both active and passive, both online and without its use, from individuals located anywhere in the world.

2. Collection of personal data

The purpose of processing personal data is to fulfill the Company's obligations to Users in relation to the use of the Site and its services.

Processing of personal data of users is carried out with the consent of the subject of personal data to the processing of his personal data.

Personal data is understood as any information relating to a person directly or indirectly defined or determined by an individual (a personal data subject) and which can be used to identify a particular person or communicate with him.

We can ask for your personal information at any time when you contact the Company. The Company may use such data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. It can also combine such information with other information for the purpose of providing and improving its products, services, content (content) and communications.

Below are some examples of types of personal data that the Company can collect, and how we can use this information.

We can collect various data / information, including:

- first and last name,

- date of birth;

- mailing address;

- phone number;

- E-mail address;

Personal data may also include additional provided by Users upon request by the Company in order to fulfill the Company's obligations to Users arising from the service contract.

When processing personal data, we ensure the accuracy of personal data, their sufficiency, and, if necessary, the relevance to the purposes of processing personal data.

3. Storage and use of personal data

Personal data of Users are stored exclusively in electronic media and processed using automated systems, except for cases when manual processing of personal data is necessary in connection with the implementation of legal requirements.

The personal data we collect allows you to send you notices about new products, special offers and various events. They also help us improve our services, content and communications. If you do not wish to be included in our mailing list, you can unsubscribe at any time by informing us on the specified contacts for feedback, as well as making changes to your profile settings on the site.

From time to time, we may use your personal information to send important notices containing information about changes to our terms, conditions and policies, as well as confirming orders placed by you and purchases made. Since such information is important to your relationship with the Company, you can not refuse to receive such messages.

We can also use personal information for internal purposes, such as: conducting audits, analyzing data and various studies to improve the Company's products and services, and interacting with consumers.

If you participate in a prize draw, competition or similar incentive event, we reserve the right to use the personal data provided by you to manage such programs.

We also collect personal data that is not personal - data that does not directly associate them with any particular person. We can collect, use, transfer and disclose information that is not personal, for any purpose. Below are examples of information that is not personal, which we collect, and how we can use it:

We can collect personal data such as: information about the occupation, language, zip code, unique device identifier, location and time zone in which a particular product is used, in order to better understand consumer behavior and improve our products, services and communications.

We can also collect personal data / information about what the user is interested in on our website when using our other products and services. Such personal data / information is collected and used to help us provide more useful information to our customers and to understand which elements of our site, products and services are most interesting. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, aggregate data is treated as data / information that is not personal.

If we combine information that is not personal information with personal information, such aggregate information will be treated as personal information until such information is combined.

4. Transfer of personal data

Personal data of Users are not transferred to any third parties, except for the cases directly provided by these Rules.

The processing of the User's personal data is carried out without any time limit, in any legal way, including in personal data information systems using automation tools or without using such means.

The User agrees that the Company has the right to transfer personal data to third parties, in particular courier services, postal organizations, telecommunication operators, etc., solely for the purposes specified in the section "Collection of personal data" of this Privacy Policy.

When specifying the user or with the consent of the user, it is possible to transfer the User's personal data to third parties-counterparties of the Operator with the condition that such contractors take obligations to ensure the confidentiality of the information received, in particular, when using applications.

Applications used by Users on the Site are hosted and maintained by third parties (developers) who operate independently of the Company and do not act on its behalf or on behalf of. Users are required to familiarize themselves with the rules for the provision of services and policies for the protection of personal data of such third parties (developers) before the use of relevant applications.

Personal data of the User can be transferred at the request of authorized government bodies of the Russian Federation only on the grounds and in the manner established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The Company shall block the personal data relating to the relevant User from the moment of the request or request of the User or his legal representative or authorized body for protection of the rights of subjects of personal data for the verification period in case of revealing unreliable personal data or illegal actions.

In some cases, the Company may provide certain personal information and data to strategic partners who work with the Company to provide products and services, or those that help the Company sell products and services to consumers. We provide to third parties the minimum amount of personal data required only to provide the required service or conduct the necessary transaction.

Personal information will be provided by the Company only in order to provide consumers with products and services, as well as to improve these products and services related to communications. Such information will not be provided to third parties for their marketing purposes.

To use your personal data for any other purpose we will request your consent to the processing of your personal data

The company provides personal data / information to companies providing services such as: processing information, executing customer orders, delivery, other consumer services, determining your interest in our products and services, conducting surveys aimed at studying our customers or satisfying the quality of service. Such companies are committed to protecting your information regardless of the country of your location.

We can also disclose personal information / information about you if we determine that disclosure is necessary to enforce our terms and conditions or to protect our activities and our users. Additionally, in case of reorganization, merger or sale, we may transfer any or all personal information collected by us to the appropriate third party.

5. Destruction of personal data

Personal data of the user is destroyed when:

- the User's independent deletion of data from his personal page using the "delete account" functionality available to the User through profile settings;

- removal by the Company of information placed by the User, as well as the User's personal page in cases established by the contract of sale (offer);

- when the subject withdraws personal data consent to the processing of personal data.

6. Protection of personal data

The company takes precautions - including legal, organizational, administrative, technical and physical - to ensure the protection of your personal data in accordance with Art. 19 of the Federal Law of July 27, 2006 N 152-FZ "On Personal Data" in order to protect the User's personal data from unauthorized or accidental access to them, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions of third parties.

When you use certain products, services or applications of the Company or post entries on forums, in chat rooms or social networks, the personal data you provide is visible to other users and can be read, collected or used by them. You are responsible for the personal data that you prefer to provide, in such cases yourself. For example, if you specify your name and e-mail address in a forum entry, such information is public. Please take precautions when using these functions.

In all the rest, which is not directly reflected in the Privacy Policy, the Company undertakes to follow the norms and provisions of Federal Law No. 152-FZ of July 27, 2006 "On Personal Data"

A visitor to the Company's website that provides its personal information and information, thereby agrees with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

The Company reserves the right to make any changes to the Policy at any time at its discretion with a view to further improving the system of protection against unauthorized access to personal data communicated by Users without the User's consent. When we make significant changes to the Privacy Policy, a notice is posted on our site along with an updated version of the Privacy Policy.

The operation of this Policy does not apply to the actions and Internet resources of third parties.